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Top Secret in Apple Headquarters

Did You know? A new book reveals some secrets in the office of Apple, manufacturer of technology vendors iPhone, iPod to iPad. Book titled "Inside Apple: How America's Most Admired - and secretive - Company Really Works" is written by journalist Fortune, Adam Lashinsky.

The book revealed some secret at the Apple offices are not widely known, especially how tight security at the company.

1. The work environment at Apple's many secrets of its own employees were not known.
The level of security is very tight. The employees know Apple is working on a great product if no new security systems such as the addition of the wall, tightening security and closing of glass in several rooms so it can not be seen at all.

2. Secrets of Jonathan Ive roared.
According to Lashinsky, one of the most secret room in the workplace Apple is Jonathan Ive, Apple's head of product design product. "Only a few people are allowed to enter bunkers Ive design," writes Lashinsky.

3. Letter Agreement.
Employees involved in the manufacture of Apple's latest product must sign a letter of agreement not to divulge the secret. "People who worked in the new project are asked to sign an agreement that they are working on a super secret project and can not talk to anyone" Lashinsky writes. If violated, surely an employee fired or even prosecuted.

4. Job Detail.
Prospective employees do not know what exactly Apple details of their work until they decided to accept. They just got a little bit of information, again to maintain the confidentiality of Apple products.

5. Special Handbook.
Employees involved in the launch of new Apple products will receive a special guide book about the stages to the launch day. If the manual is lost and falls into the wrong hands, is the threat of dismissal.

6. Working Separately
Apple employees usually work separately and do not know for sure what exactly they do. "Apple employees and their projects are part of the puzzle. Puzzle is complete only known at the highest levels of the organization".



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