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Be alert 9 Deception, Applications and Video in Social Media

According to the study released Webcertain Group, the number of social media users in the Asia-Pacific region, including Indonesia, in which is expected to reach 1 billion by the end of the year, or nearly five times the number of social media users in North America.

This makes social media as a means favorite cyber criminals to attack. There are many modes used cyber criminals to spread viruses to PCs and smartphones, or steal personal information by luring users to click on a fake site.

Computing security company Trend Micro claims to have revealed nine methods of deception in social media that is currently flourishing in social media.

"Fraud in the increasingly popular social media. They lure users to install specific applications through social media posts or tricking the user to click on sites that cause a virus or malware infection," said Terrence Tang, Senior Director of Consumer Business, Asia Pacific, Trend Micro in a press release .

He continued, "Users are advised to be wary when they are surfing the internet. Always check source link and posted applications, social media change the password regularly, and use applications that offer privacy protection, such as Trend Micro Dr. Safety."

For more details, here are nine modes of fraud in today's social media are emerging:

1. Application Facebook Color Changer

This application is interesting because it offers a feature to change the color of your Facebook page. This application will redirect users to fake websites and trick them to share the app with friends, including the use of video tutorials to trick users into clicking on ads. These applications can hijack a user's profile and the profile of his friends, and even infect the mobile device with the virus.

2. Application Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

This application allows you to check who sees your Facebook profile. Once clicked, the user profile and social network you will immediately be exposed to a scammer.

3. Video up with an interesting title and striking

Cyber ​​criminals in cyberspace often use interesting and provocative titles like "Not Safe for Work" or "Outrageous" to the more intrigued users to click on a video that actually directs them to a fake website and aim to steal personal information. Fraud can also cause infection to the user device, such as Rootkits are difficult to remove.

4. Video Naked on Facebook

Facebook scams that contain nude videos usually come in the form of advertising or posting with a link that directs the user to a fake YouTube site. Fake site then prompts the user to install the updater to fix Adobe Flash Player they are "broken". Once clicked, the fake Flash Player installer will infect the device by installing malware (Trojans typically) as a browser plugin.

5. Application InstLikeapp on Instagram

Thousands of users worldwide have installed the application InstLike hoping to increase followers and "buff" their Instagram profile. Unfortunately, this application turns out to steal passwords and other personal information. Although a number of reports of fraud methods have been published, there are still many users who unwittingly cheated, because InstLike still circulating freely in the app store.

6. Application Instant Twitter Followers

Applications that promises more Twitter followers instantly usually causes users become victims of scammers, affecting even the user's account with a virus attack.

7. Fraud by Twitter Feed

Some scams send messages like "I just saw your picture is" to trick users into clicking on a malicious link in a message box. Scammers can hijack Twitter user accounts and send spam messages to their friends, direct them to websites that can steal personal information.

8. The Dating Game on Tumblr

This spurious feature in his message has captivated many users to click on a link and make a date account, which will then take them to a page or pages adult ads that generate revenue for the scammers.

9. Posting Fake on Pinterest

Pinterest false offers of free gifts to lure users to fake survey sites or phishing sites. The application also sends spam to their followers to expand their attacks.

List of Beaches in Indonesia that is still virgin

Indonesia is an archipelagic country is also a maritime country. With the status of these, no wonder Indonesia has many interesting tourist destinations such as beach, spread from the Eastern to the Western tip of Indonesia.

As reported from Indonesia.travel, Saturday (11/01/2014), the following beaches found in Indonesia with natural beauty and unspoiled:

Beach Pasih UUG, Bali

UUG fluent in Balinese language has meaning damaged coast. In contrast to its meaning, this beach became a tourist area that is truly unique and has so much appeal.

At first glance, the view presented in Turkish Pasih UUG not much different from the views presented in the tourist area of ​​Uluwatu.

The difference is just that, in mentioning no Pasih attractions like temples or apes. If you are looking for a comfortable and calm atmosphere, where it is the answer because it is located far from residential areas.

Sawarna Beach, Banten

Located not far from Jakarta, Beach Sawarna in Lebak, Banten may be an option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the exquisite beaches and relatively unspoilt.

This beach presents to you along the white sand beach that is still very clean at all and seemed "virgin". Clear blue sea water really make this place suitable for your dream tour.

Not only white sand, you can also enjoy the buzzing of large waves hitting the rocks at the Cape Screen. Do not forget, set the camera to capture special moments that you do in this place.

Sawarna beach is only about 200 km from the city of Jakarta and can be reached via two pathways, namely through Gecko or Pelabuhan Ratu.

Pink Beach, Flores

Speaking Flores Komodo Island must have been reminiscent of the exotic. Besides Komodo, known to the whole world, the island also has a beach that is not less tenarnya with the dragons. Her name is Pink Beach or Beach Pink.

From a distance, this sand will not look pink, but just plain white. Come to the edge and wait for the waves licked the edges of the sand. The color pink will look more dense than sand is still dry.

The pink color in this sand is composed of coral, broken shells and calcium carbonate from marine life there.

Pink Beach is a haven ledges underwater make anyone amazed. No need to dive too far because this beautiful scenery can be enjoyed only in depths less than one meter.

Sempu beach, Malang

Other virgin beaches that you can visit is the beach in the island Sempu, Malang. Its location is on the south coast of Malang and administratively entered rejo Pond Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan.

Sempu Island is not far from the Blue Spring Beach. From Malang, located approximately 80 kilometers from the capital city of East Java, Surabaya distance of approximately 180 kilometers.

The main attraction of this pretty little island is a lagoon located approximately Segara Chicks 2.5 km to the south of the island. Hidden away in the circumference of dense tropical forest, covering an area of ​​approximately 4 acres lagoon is a charming place.

The white sandy beach with blue water meets quiet and separated from the open sea because of rocks surrounded by coral will further add to the charm of the island Sempu. The water in the lagoon is calm Segara Chicks and hence is a perfect place for swimming. The isolated location and path a bit difficult to access, Segara Chicks presents an intimate and private atmosphere.
Adonara Beach, NTT
Adonara Beach, NTT

Adonara Island, an unspoiled tourist spots in the province. White sandy beaches and a friendly smile Adonara population, complements the beauty of the island is located east of the island of Flores.

To be able to go to Adonara, you must first transiting in Kupang or Maumere. If time be one consideration, you can make a journey by flight Transnusa or Susi Air aircraft that flew to Larantuka directly from Kupang, capital of East Flores Regency.


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