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First Night Tips for New Bride

Happy husband on the first night was the duty of the bride. This is usually done before the first night of rituals such as hundred, spa, or massage that makes many women so fit even after holding a wedding reception.
Well, support your performance on the first night there are some tips that you can try.

You and I
This moment is an important moment for you and your husband so that you do not need to be too nervous, or afraid of the pain will be experienced, as told earlier mothers. Focus your attention on the couple that did not go too wrong if you stay away from the crowd.

Decorate the bed
The bed is the most important for newly married couples. If indeed you are going to stay at the hotel, the decor or hotel generally help decorate your bed. But if you want to cut the budget, the beds could dimakeover accordance with the budget.

You can bring some flowers and aromatherapy candles with a certain aroma that can arouse sexual desire both.

Wear sexy clothes
Nothing to be ashamed anymore, here's your chance to make your husband more loving. Wear sexy lingerie and do not worry there will be a skewed opinion about you.

Wear sexy clothes in first night will help boost confidence, and to have the mood to serve her husband with a maximum. And do not forget that confidence is the key to a great orgasm.

First night bride
Ensure yourself more expressive and not shy husband. Especially if it's nervousness to tell her husband moved to sleep on the couch. No need to weigh these things in mind, but let your natural instincts demanded to give a kiss, a hug or whisper tenderly to her husband.

Avoid fatty foods
In order for the better performance, it is advisable to avoid fatty foods that will make you more easily tired and sleepy. Consumption of vegetables and fruits that support the performance and increase sexual desire like spicy vegetables, watermelon, chocolate, and so forth.

The initial step in order to avoid the pain of penetration mr P is enjoying foreplay. The longer the foreplay lasts the vagina will be ready for production of lubricant is available. Here, then, you can go to the next round.

Honest in couples
You have to dare to be honest with partner during sex, so sex is much more enjoyable. For instance if there is a movement that you like, do not be ashamed to tell him. Or even if there is movement that causes you pain, you also have to tell him.

No less importantly, the first night should not be in a hurry, but flows following both feelings. Relax, because tonight is the night belongs to you and your partner. (Vem / bee)



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    1. first wedding night like this one is seriously a night to remember, really appreciate the way you have put in words


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