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How Mind Control Your Body

Body Mind Controls
Pioneering cognitive researchers Albert Ellis and Aaron T. Beck say that negative thoughts are not a symptom of depression; they are the cause of it. When the mind delves on negative things it saps your energy and creates an adverse effect on your immune system and it also causes several diseases. A healthy mind is the first step towards a healthy body. How Mind Control Your Body

How often does it happen to you that you are doing one thing but thinking about the other without knowing? Your mind goes into its own new world without your command. When the mind is agitated you become restless. The thoughts run away from you. That is precisely when you lose focus and the mind behaves like a wanderer, often occupied with negative thoughts. These are thoughts which sap your energy and make you feeble. An agitated mind can never be focused. It causes restlessness, distractions and ultimately diseases.

A focused mind is a calm mind. A calm mind is in the present and does not run away to the past or future. It does not race ahead and is absorbed with the task at hand. A calm mind is unruffled, steadfast in its job. It is nearly impossible to have a calm mind all the time. But the longer you can keep away unwanted thoughts the happier you get.

It is nearly impossible to keep a steady mind which is devoid of all thoughts all the time. But the top people in any field are the people who are generally able to focus longer than others. The top professionals are people who are focused. They are in the present and that is what
brings them enormous success. Their peak performances are reached when they have an uncluttered mind. An uncluttered mind which is free of unwanted and negative thoughts.

A story published in the Wall Street Journal related that the HMOs reported that as much as 70% of all visits to the primary care physician are for the psychosomatic illness, which is a disorder that effect both mind and body. According to Dr. David Sobel, a primary care physician and author of a highly respected newsletter, only 16% of the people visiting their physicians for common maladies like nausea, headache and stomach upset are found suffering from illnesses due to physical causes. That just shows that more than 80% of the patients suffer from illnesses that originate in thoughts. It goes to show that the cells of the body are deeply interconnected with the thoughts. If the mind believes that an illness can be cured, recovery time and treatments become more effective. It is imperative to organise your thoughts and mind to have a healthy body: Here is a list of few mind management tips:

Mind management

1. If you can organize your mind, your actions will be organized.

2. Watch your thoughts consciously. Do not let your the mind waver.

3. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself.

4. Constantly feed your mind with new things; learn and keep the mind young.

5. Do things with full attention. A half-hearted attempt means inviting failure.

6. Chandogya Upanishad says, that the smallest portion of food is transformed into mind, so eat fresh food, which is not pungent or spicy. Eat fruits and vegetables which are good for the mind.

7. Practise meditation, visualisation, affirmation and other techniques to improve concentration. Stick to the one which suits you most.

8. Read good books and inspiring literature which energizes the mind.

9. Your thoughts are connected with every cell of your body, which is why you grow and become what you think about yourself the most.

10. Harbour noble, pious and selfless thoughts, as they elevate the mind.

11. Mental silence strengthens and expands the mind.

A calm mind helps to overcome anxiety, pain, and improves well being. It is a sure-fire way of staying fit and healthy in the fast paced environment of today. 
How Mind Control Your Body (mymedicalfeedback)



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