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Why Women Never Satisfied with the Body?

Women Never Satisfied with the Body

Slim and beautiful body is craving all women on this earth. Various ways done by women, in order to get a dream body. However, there are still many women who complained about his body. Why?

When was dissatisfied with her ​​figure, usually the women are always comparing body shape when young, with age now. 
When 17-year-old, the body has a better metabolism. You can still look slim despite eating anything, including junk food. But ten years later, the metabolism begins to decline and the weight started to go up a few pounds. 

Most women will start to feel a lot of flaws in his body. Starting from a distended belly, flabby arms and thighs are enlarged. And women became lost confidence because of her body shape has changed drastically. According to psychologist Dr Rebecca Gooden, a clinical lecturer at the University of Adelaide, it was related to the traditional view of society.

"There is a perception that women should be admired and women are taught that having a perfect body so he will be admired," he said as quoted from Cleo. 
Added Rebecca, a person's attitude is not only influenced by the thought of family, friends and business partners, but also those who have a stereotypical body with a large size, it is not perfect.

These factors lead to huge pressure on women. And usually, they look a certain way and strive very hard if not yet succeeded.

Dissatisfaction is common. But Rebecca gives a warning. "It's kind of negative self-talk, what makes women believe that they are needed by the body 'fix," he said. 
Rebecca suggested to build confidence and value are not the body count as a measure, to determine how a person feels good about himself.

"You should think about all the non-physical qualities that will make you feel like a big man," the message. "Try to make yourself special, so people have a positive view about you. Love your body for what it is," she said.(viva)



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