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Survey: Social Media Damaged Friendship

Survey: Social Media Damaged Friendship

Do you consider yourself a good person? Figure of fun for the people around you and the social minded?

If you answer "Yes", then how do the properties when you are online? Good use of Twitter and Facebook? Will you be a wise guy or just be someone else?

If so, you are certainly not alone. The reason, according to recent studies one might not even notice any change on him when online. The study reveals that nine out of ten people believe that other people be rude and impolite in social media than they are face to face with each other.

As a result, one in five social media users, or about 19 percent have reduced direct contact with someone, because what they say when online.

As reported by mediabistro, studies conducted VitalSmarts conducted a survey of 2698 people and found that most respondents is much more convenient to use platforms like Twitter and Facebook rather than make contact with friends or acquaintances in the real world. Ironically, two of the five user has been blocked, unsubscribe or "kicked" his friendship with someone over the results of bad behavior.

According to Joseph Grenny from VitalSmarts is also the author of "Crucial Conversations" and unresolved tensions often arise in part because of the activities of the online conversation. "The platform of social media allows us to connect with others and strengthen relationships in ways that were not possible before. Unfortunately, they also serve as a forum for communication default risk, and make a statement with little regard for other people," he explained.

He explained that social media platforms are not problematic depending on how people use it so as not to cause the emergence of communication that has the potential to destroy the relationship is most meaningful to each individual.

There are several key survey conducted this study, namely, 76 percent of social media users have seen the argument that too much on social media, 19 percent of users have deleted some contacts friendship with someone because of something they said online.

Meanwhile, 81 percent admitted it difficult to communicate or provoked emotions over the use of social media and is still unresolved. The remaining states, 88 percent of users believe that the people who become their friends to be harsh even less polite in social media than when they met in person.



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