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Nudity always a pleasant surprise for men

Such situations are definitely not uncommon. Many people who are in long-term relationships do encounter this phase. So why don't you plan some exotic surprises for your partner? Such that he's taken off guard and left asking for more. 

"We have spent some years together, so now I know how he reacts in a particular situation. Our conversation doesn't go beyond the daily routine and even the pleasure in the bedroom is an alien term".

Surprises need not necessarily be really pricey. What matters the most is your attitude, the way you show your concern and express your love towards your mate. Here are some innovative ideas...

Dare bare...
Men love it when their ladylove makes an extra effort to seduce their senses. All you need to do is to think out of the box!

Sangeeta Ahlawat, a HR manager says, "My husband always used to complain that I am not comfortable with my body. He said, it also made him conscious in bed. Just to prove him wrong, I planned to steal an idea from a Jennifer Aniston movie, The Break-Up. When my hubby was busy watching a cricket match on television, I took a walk in the living room, naked, to flaunt my newly waxed body. He couldn't believe his eyes and was with me on the bed in a matter of seconds."

It's not just a tattoo...
Men love sophisticated partners, but it does not mean that he does not want to see any wild streak in you. Give it a shot

Ratnika Singh, a marketing executive tells, "I am into a live-in relationship. It was our anniversary and there was nothing that I had not gifted him in three years. On our D-Day, I came back home early, left a trail of my clothes from the drawing room to the den. And on the bed, I laid nude. The surprise package was, his name was tattooed on my cleavage. My man has always seen me clad in formals and being on my best behaviour at all times. I guess he never expected me to do something wild like this. We are getting hitched soon, it really worked for me."

Nudity surprise for men
For girls, birthdays are always special
No matter how old your lady love is and how long have you been in a relationship, a girl always expects her beloved to make her birthday memorable.

Rakshit Malhotra, a MBA student reveals, "I thought the most romantic thing I could do for my girl was to wish her at midnight. I spoke to her for nearly two hours, but I felt she expected something more. At 2 in the night, I jumped my hostel gate and took an auto. Luckily, I found chocolates at a chemist shop. I stole a rose from a roadside florist and reached her house. Her room is on the first floor; I climbed up to the window somehow and slipped in the rose and chocolates. She still considers it as her best birthday gift."

Changing den may work...
Professional commitments, kids, in-laws, financials...there can be endless reasons which bar you from enjoying marital bliss. A surprise weekend vacation may just be what you need.

Aakash Sharma, a bank employee says, "All the things that my wife does for me and my family, she definitely needs some luxurious pampering, once in a while atleast. Recently on a Saturday, I took her out on a drive. We crossed a five star hotel and I told her that there was a very nice bar there on the second floor and we should check it out. But, instead of taking her to the bar, I took her to the suite that I had booked for us. While we were dating, she used to tell me we would come to this hotel for our honeymoon. She stood speechless in the room for sometime and was extremely pleased that I had actually remembered her needs."

The apron act...
Many people say cooking a meal together is a great way of bonding with your partner. If you use your creativity, it can go beyond bonding...

Prachi Gupta, a homemaker tells, "My husband is reasonably good at cooking. At times to cheer me up, he tries his hands at some exotic dishes. So I decided to make his cooking session more interesting. I slipped into this frilly short apron, with nothing inside. He gave me a passionate kiss, the moment he saw me wondering around in that silly thing, he switched off the cooking gas, and that day we used the dining table for some other purpose."

I scared her first...
Women always want that their men should propose them in a unique way so that they can cherish the moment for the rest of their lives. Some men take it quite seriously...

Surain Mishra, employed in a Mumbai-based production house tells, "My girl was walking towards home in the evening, and it was a secluded road. A car stopped on her side, four men snatched her inside and blindfolded her. They took her to a house that was extremely dark and left her there. Then enters the hero, that's me. I played her favorite song, removed the strip tied on her eyes, kissed her and said, "Marry me, you will find me around even at places where you don't even expect me to." She ended up in tears, fought with me for hours and I am wedded to the same lady now. She hates my 'filmi' attitude though."

So that's all from our side folks, let us know what's the most romantic or craziest thing you have done for your partner.

In a relationship, even small gestures can make a lot of difference. Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh suggests some innovative ways to bond with your partner:

1. Take up an activity together, like gymming, jogging or a dance class.

2. Girls love flowers and there is no harm in bringing some home without any special occasion.

3. At least once a week, come home before your wife, clean the mess around and cook up a meal. Be sure to include her favourite dishes.

4. Pick up a show on television that matches the time and interest of both of you. Make it a point to watch it together everyday.

5. Do not always force your choice on your partner.

6. Try to go office by the same car. This way you will get to spend time alone too.

7. Reinvent your sex life, as physical intimacy is an inseparable part of any relationship.

8. Show some inclination towards matters realted to your spouses' interest and surprise him/her with your knowledge.

9. Try to be vulnerable at times. Let your partner penetrate in your emotional side too. It will help in bridging the gap.

10. Do you really need a reason to give her a call? Just let your partner know what's on your mind at that moment.

11. Cook up his favorite dishes and invite his close friends or relatives for a surprise dinner. Men love it when you try to be a part of their world. (roi)



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