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a boy said to his father: Dad, why my bike, do not want to be goes again? the pedals feels hard, and heavy chains such as spinning, then the father saw his bike and said, son you're trying to remember again, why can strike like this bike? where often you take and when you clean it last?

the child tries to remember what he had done with the bike, and said, oh, yes me often bring my bike play in standing water on the road back home, hmm ... yeah it feels exciting, when passing the bicycle wheel in the puddle, like a motor boat that parted the sea .., but I never clean up after playing this bike, this bike When I got home immediately put it. and the next day me take it play again ...

hear the explanation of the child, the father said; kid, so strike your bike like this because of you alone, you often take him to the place where play dirty, but you never clean it again, now you wash your bike thoroughly, after which the chain needs oiled so that rotation can be smoothly back, the boy followed his father's instructions and after some time later, he could no longer play with his bike ...

That's a brief overview of the intellect, which has been granted by Allah to all human beings, so that he can think, and with the human mind so different from animals who only follow their own lusts alone.

but have we ever felt sense we are so hard to think, concentrate and be thankful for the life that has been and we are living? do you know what causes it? we try to reflect back on the bike and child illustration above.

consciously or unconsciously we often commit acts prohibited by religion; say hurtful people, gossiping, getting property not care about halal or haraam even more shameful and unjust deeds.

that can be compared to the body and our activity is bike, intellect is the chain and puddles on the streets is shameful and unjust deeds, how to turn properly chain, while the stool was rusty because his bike is always wallowing, and lubricants do not we give

then what is the lubricant for the intellect? have we get used to beg for forgiveness every day? better when made ​​a mistake or not, have we run perfectly religious orders? or has it more to do good than to do bad? because that's the lubricant for the intellect, not the oil Top1.

while we make every effort to return to the command of Allah, our minds will undoubtedly be thinking aloud, so that our bodies can do anything productive for the benefit of religion and human.

a lesson from my son



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