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Various Making love Style for Small Penis

Various Sex Style the fit for small penis. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of the West of Scotland in 2012, the size of the penis effect for some women. However, just because a husband has a small penis does not mean he can not satisfy his wife.

Women who prefer a longer penis in the research, said more likely to reach orgasm during intercourse. However, with proper sex techniques, small penis no less with a larger penis.

Quoted from various sources, the following is a style of sex that can be done by a man with a small penis:

1. Dogy Style

When done with the correct angle, the style of dog can make a small penis feels great. Position the head and shoulders comfortably above the female partner with a pillow butt lift upwards. To obtain the right angle, her back arched with the direction of the hip should pull to the head.

During the penetration of body lean forward to maintain physical contact. This will help obtain the female partner climax faster.

Style dog is the easiest style and made ​​popular by people.

2. Antelope Style

This style is a variant of the dogy style. Both men and women had to kneel on the floor and leaning on the couch or other furniture. Perform penetration from behind and use the free hand to do the stimulation. Stimulation can be done by hand can vary, communicate with partner stimulation what can be enjoyed.

3. Snake Style

To style this sex position the woman's partner to sleep on your stomach with legs closed. To be comfortable to put a pillow under your hips to ass female partner up curved upward. With knees bent, slowly open the hips and the female partner doing the penetration from behind.

Be careful to keep the weight of the body of the couple during sexual intercourse. If it is necessary to hold the body with something, bend over to be able to touch the mattress.

4. Rabbit Ear Style

Position the female partner to sleep on their backs. Lift up a couple feet and knees close to his ear tuck a pillow under her ass. When sex gets hotter female partner may be difficult to maintain this position. Help crease resistant women with hands on the knees of the male partner.

5. V Formation Style

Position the woman sleeping on your back, lift your legs to a man clutching his ankle. Raise and stretch both legs couples to form the letter 'V' before penetration.

This position makes the penis is pushed deeper into the vagina. In addition, by placing one foot on the shoulder, his hand can freely provide clitoral stimulation to the female partner to orgasm. (detik)



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