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What the Colour of Your Dress Says

Have you ever wondered why you picked that green dress to wear that party last weekend? Sure, it's pretty and makes your waist look tiny, but sometimes there are certain unconscious factors that drive you to pick a certain colour from your wardrobe. We delve into some closet psychology to tell you what the colour of your cocktail dress says about you. You'll be surprised to see just how much it can tell you about your mood and state of mind as well as of those around you. Don't believe us? Read on to find the right colour for every mood.

Black: The power of authority, sophistication and strength, it’s no wonder you look like a knock out in your favourite LBD. It’s also a somber colour and can be associated with grieving, which is why you should soften it up with lace and ruffles.

Red: We don’t need to tell you twice that red is the colour of love, lust and sex. When you step out in a red dress, you’re definitely looking to turn heads and grab attention. Psychologists say that men are more attracted to woman dressed in the crimson hue, so you’re plan to draw attention probably always works. It’s also the colour of power and strength. Wearing red to work can help you feel more in control and confident at a big meeting.

Blue: This serene shade signifies relaxation. It’s a soothing colour that can help put others at ease around you when you’re dressed in shades of blue. Even darker shades like midnight blue have a comforting effect on yourself as well as others u and can help make you come off as more trusting. That probably explains why blue is most people’s favourite colour. It’s a good idea to doll up in blue when you’re playing hostess to give others a relaxed and approachable vibe about you.

Green: The colour of money, peace and nature, green can instantly put you in a better mood. It signifies peace and happiness, probably because of its connection to nature. You probably feel super content when you wear the colour and it can help bring a pleasurable spring to your step.

Pink: A girl’s favourite colour and no wonder it is, pink is known to be tranquil and warm. A gorgeous pink dress is perfect for a positive frame of mind and comes across as soothing and loving.

Orange: This is the colour for you when you’re looking for a fun time. Like red, orange is all about grabbing eyeballs and making a bold statement. You know you’re in the mood to party when you deck up in bright orange. This can’t-miss hue signifies warmth, ambition and revelry.

Purple: This colour of royalty also signifies creativity, so the next time you wear purple, you’re probably feeling more inspired than usual. Wearing it makes you look self-assured and can help boost your ego by making you feel regal as well as spiritual.

Yellow: A sunshiny shade of yellow is happy and carefree. When you wear it, you will definitely feel extra optimistic and cheerful. Yellow is all about laughter and creativity and we can never have enough of that, so if you don’t wear yellow enough, now you know why you should. (toi)



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