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Sundries Fantasy Sex Make You Surprised

BE CAREFUL with what you want or fantasize. At least, that's what sex expert, Tracey Cox. Cox share an experience of 30 women who were brave enough to bring their erotic daydreams in real life. The result? Diverse.

Some sexual fantasy is as powerful and as hot as I imagined. However, there are also some fantasy that turned into a disaster and better still a fantasy. If you are planning to realize sexual fantasies, here are some tips about sexual fantasies that can be done and not in real life, as reported by Dailymail.

1. Four fantasy that works in real life
Sex in public places
It's illegal, but if you are wise, the value of each situation carefully and keep wearing (mostly) clothes, you'll probably get away with it. You can be naughty without being too exposed and fear of others knowing will actually make you flutter and add to the excitement.

If you can control the laughter and have a decent imagination, fantasy role-playing is the best way to achieve pleasure without risk. You may be frowned at first, but like most couples after they entered in their respective characters.

Tie-up games
Bind (or bound) to the feet and hands as sex tends to be done in real life. Only the first plan what to do after you bind the couple in bed.

Do it with fun, not painful. Spanking can make you into a hot fuck session, but it can also be terrible and uncomfortable (in a bad way).

Sundries Fantasy Sex Make You Surprised
2. Four fantasy backfire
Any sexual fantasies that involve other body in the bed tends to be really awful. Discuss what can happen before doing it with a partner, but often the reality is quite surprising. It could be you or your partner fall in love with the third man.

Make a sex video
Many people are secretly wondering if they are like the actors / actresses porn while having sex. But in reality, it is not so. Watch sex videos themselves could destroy your ego and your partner, not to mention if the tape fell into the hands of someone else.

Making love with someone forbidden
Boss or girlfriend friend may make you fantasize. But if you do, it will probably regret or guilt afterwards.

Sex with strangers
One night stand is usually triggered by alcohol can be a bad thing, especially if he does not wear a condom.



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